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Learn and dive deep into Java

Learn and dive deep into Java

Welcome to the Learn and dive deep into Java course. This course for: Students. Graduates. Self-taught Software Engineers

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What you'll learn

  • Learn Java from basic syntax to advanced topics.
  • You will see many examples similar to what you will encounter in your job as a Software Engineer.
  • You will be able to implement industry best practices, conventions, and guidelines.
  • Ability to answer java trivia interview questions and code challenges.
  • Think creatively to tackle code challenges.
  • You will dive deep in Object Oriented Programming principles.
  • Have deep understanding to Collections framework and be able to choose the right data structure.

Welcome to the Learn and dive deep into Java course.

This course for:

  • Students.
  • Graduates
  • Self-taught Software Engineers
  • Bootcamp graduates.
  • Interview Preparation.
  • Technical Managers.
  • Software engineers with 0-3 years of experience
  • or If you always want to stay up-to-date (this course will be updated regularly to cover the latest Java features)

Course prerequisite:

  • You need a laptop, preferably connected to two screens, one for the course and the other screen for practice.
  • To stand out as a software engineer, you should be patient, inquisitive, and detail-oriented.
  • No prior programming experience is totally fine. I'm explaining all concepts here in a very simple and straightforward way.
  • I will use IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition to write Java Code in this course. It is free, modern, and preferred among Java developers.

I chose Java for this course for many reasons:

  • It is a must-know programming language taught in all computer science programs.
  • Using Java, you can develop countless types of applications that run on any operating system.
  • Java is the second preferred programming language among the top 25 tech giants.

Course overall objectives:

  • Provide detailed and organized material that makes you land a job and start working from day one.
  • This course will cover most Java topics, data structure, and some algorithms so you can pass job interviews.
  • There will be a questions and answers section to answer students' questions.

I will update this course every three months.

I will answer all your questions within 48 hours, and some questions will get a video response.

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