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Master Data Visualization with Google Data Studio in 2022

Master Data Visualization with Google Data Studio in 2022

Learn how to prepare meaningful, dynamic, and actionable data-driven reports with Google Data Studio

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You'll learn Master Data Visualization with Google Data Studio in 2022

  • Learn Data Visualization Basics with Google Data Studio
  • Learn the techniques to draw 25+ chart techniques with Google Data Studio
  • Master techniques to customize the base data for creating charts
  • Learn the thoughts behind creating meaningful reports

Welcome On Udemy Course Master Data Visualization with Google Data Studio in 2022

The power of the Google Data Studio reports is that in one quick glance you can consume and process all the essential metrics of your business and you are ready to take decisions with confidence. This is your chance to master an important business presentation tool, that too, in a few hours. Still not sure? Give me another 60 seconds of your time.

In this course, we will jump on to a fun and effective way of exploring Google Data Studio. Using GDS, we will analyze and explore interesting facts about the top 1000 movies from around the world, as rated by viewers. How’s that?

While we do so, we will learn how to create, design, and organize charts such as scorecards, time series, line charts, bubble charts, geo charts, pies, donuts, bar charts, funnel charts, scatter plots, and pivot tables. regular tables and more.

We will learn how to work with simple data sources such as google sheets, and complex data sources such as Google Analytics.

Advanced concepts such as using averages, max-min values, trimming text, and logic functions to manipulate data are covered in this course.

I am Rudranil, as a marketing professional, I have spent more than 13 years in analyzing and taking actions based on data. You get lifetime access, hours of content, an enormous discount, and a 30 days refund offer.

See you in the course.


Reviews on my course:

I must say that the this a very good course Reasons:- 1) Rudranil sir experience is amazing. Practical projects are used throughout the course. 2) He guides step by step on how to do things even if you are a beginner. 3) Ask any question and he will replay within 5-6 hours, with a detailed solution. Just go for this course. I loved it and learning a lot.

- Abhinav

Clear, concise and good learning framework so far.

- Lucia Onofri

Simple explanations, course instructor knows his subject matter well and is passionate about sharing it with others

- Antony Cyriac

Detailed explanations, hands on examples. Thanks a lot for putting this course together.

- Mike Laar

This guy is amazing, really a worldclass teacher, very interesting, looking foward to do another course under his tutelage.

- Juan Miguel Garcia Davila

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