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Web Design With HTML CSS and SASS - Beginner To Advanced

Web Design With HTML CSS and SASS - Beginner To Advanced

Learn web design & web development from scratch using HTML, CSS & Sass. We cover CSS Animation, Grid, FlexBox and Git.

What you'll learn

  • Fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Build Multiple Responsive Websites With Great UI
  • Indept Understanding Of Page Layout
  • Fundamentals of FlexBox and Grid System
  • Advanced CSS Topics such as Variables, Pseudo-elements, etc.
  • CSS Animation
  • All Skill Levels
  • SASS - Learn all the basics of SASS
  • CSS Architecture
  • Command Line, Git and GitHub

About The Course Web Design With HTML CSS and SASS - Beginner To Advanced

This course is for beginners who want to learn web design and web development, as well as for existing web designers/developers who want to sharpen their understanding and skill in creating responsive and great websites.

In this web design course, we begin by going over the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, after which we look at the essentials of page layout.

We then create a mini project to test our understanding.

We also cover Flexbox, Grid layout, CSS Animation, SASS and some advanced CSS topics which you need for a good foundation in web design and web development. This would enable us to build a big project where we implement all the topics discussed.

We then proceed to teach about the COMMAND LINE, GIT and GITHUB, which is a tool every web developer should be familiar with.


At the end of this course, you would be confident about creating responsive real-world websites with HTML and CSS and your understanding of all the essentials would be solidified. Your web design and web development skills would also be sharpened.


1. Introduction and VSCode setup

2. HTML and CSS Fundamentals

3. Build a simple Page with HTML and CSS Basics

4. How to code HTML and CSS faster with EMMET

5. Build a Restaurant Website

6. FlexBox

7. Grid Layout - With Mini project

8. Advanced CSS Concepts

9. CSS Animations - transitions, transforms, and Keyframes.

10. Build a Wed Design Agency Website using many advanced concepts learned.

11. Optimize and Host the website on Netlify.

12. SASS - Syntactically Awesome Stylesheet

We are confident that at the end of this course, your web design and web development skills with HTML, CSS and SASS would be greatly improved.

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