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100 Python Coding Exercises | Practice for Beginners

100 Python Coding Exercises | Practice for Beginners

100 Python Program Exercises * Simulated PBQs * Labs * Timed * 100 Questions * PCEP | PCAP | PCPP1 | PCPP2 | PCAT | PCAD

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Improve your python skills by taking this course. This practice test is being made for the ones who is seeking to appear for competitive technical related job fields. This practice paper will help you to figure out your weak areas and you can work on it to upgrade your knowledge.

This course is designed with keeping in mind the questions and tasks to be performed in coding interviews.

By taking this course, develop your python skills. This research for those looking for competitive technological fields of employment is ongoing. This test is completed. You will find your weak areas through this Practice Paper and work on them to upgrade your skills.

Why learn Python?

Python is easy to learn. The syntax is simple and the code is very readable. With Python, you can write programs in fewer lines of code than with most other programming languages. The popularity of Python is growing rapidly. It is now one of the most popular programming languages. Python has a wide variety of applications. It is used for automation, web application development, artificial intelligence, data science and so on.

With its near perfection beauty, Python is named as one of the top-picked programming languages of most universities and industries. According to TechRepublic, Python developer is one of the “10 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs of 2022”. This is due to the rise of AI and Machine Learning technologies in the global market. As of beginning of 2022, the average salary for a Python developer is over $120 thousand per year in the United States, making it one of the most popular and lucrative careers today.

With this course you will get lifetime-long access to 100+ Interview and Practice Questions on Python that are updated frequently. After the test you will become more confident in Python and will be able easily perform basic and advanced tasks in Web Dev, Automation, Data Science etc. Not just that, you will have the required knowledge to pass the Python Certification Exams and also clear your next Job Interview!

Python Programming Questions and Answers Highlights

  • 100+ Practice Test Question in Python  with a detailed explanation of every question.
  • These Practice Tests cover theoretical concepts, true-false (T/F) statements, fill-in-the-blanks and match the following style statements.
  • These Practice Tests also cover lots of code, code snippets and/or complete programs.
  • These Practice Test sare organized chapter wise and each Chapter is further organized topic wise.
  • Every Practice Tests set focuses on a specific topic of a given Chapter in Python Programming Subject.

In this course, questions and activities to be done in coding interviews are kept in mind. A clear understanding of python is the only requirement of this course.

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