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A complete course in SQL with SQL server

A complete course in SQL with SQL server

This course will take you from novice to expert level in SQL development using SQL server

What you'll learn

  • Setup SQL Server and use SQL Server management studio (SSMS) and azure data studio to write queries.
  • Setup an Azure cloud instance of SQL Server.
  • Select, sort and filter data with an understanding of the order of precedence.
  • Modify data with string, date, and maths functions.
  • Convert data types and apply decision logic.
  • Aggregate and group data both to the entire table and in line with windows functions.
  • Facilitate more complex requirements with sub-queries.
  • Structure of table relationships and cardinality.
  • Join tables together with the INNER, OUTER, FULL and CROSS joins.
  • Union multiple data sets together.
  • Understand OLTP and OLAP data architectures along with 3rd Normal Form and ACID transactions.
  • CREATE, ALTER, and DROP a database, table, and schema.
  • Add column, primary and foreign key constraints to a table.
  • Indexes for use in query optimisation.
  • Insert, update, and delete data into a table.
  • Advanced features including views, stored procedures, functions, locks, transactions, cursors, and triggers.
  • Import, export and alter JSON and XML data structures into and out of tables.

Welcome To : A complete course in SQL with SQL server

The course will teach how to interact with relational databases by witting SQL within SQL server. Broader concepts are also covered such as data architecture and converting tables to JSON which is useful for many web applications and API's. It starts at a novice level and then progresses through to an expert skill level. There is a fast-track route for those that need to get up to speed quickly. This enables students with time pressure, to learn SQL to a good standard and come back later when time allows to cover the full content.

Each topic taught is structured so that it covers the theory and then provides worked examples that you are encouraged to follow along with. In the later stages of the course, a mini project is created that enables the advanced features of SQL to be explored. Within this section, practical problems are demonstrated that you are likely to find in the real world.

Advanced topics such as indexes and transactions are covered in detail to help you understand areas useful in the real world such as query optimisation and complying with ACID principles. From my 15 years of experience in database development work and training colleagues, I have picked out all the topics that will enable you to become an expert SQL developer.

The course is structured to accommodate a variety of backgrounds from the complete novice with no programming experience to those who are experienced in other languages and already have some knowledge of SQL. Those with more experience will progress through the initial sections more quickly but still acquire new development knowledge. They will also appreciate the depth of the later sections. The complete novice will appreciate the clear instructions and no presumption of prior knowledge.

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