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Asp.Net Core 7 (.NET 7) | True Ultimate Guide

Asp.Net Core 7 (.NET 7) | True Ultimate Guide

NET Core 6 & 7 | ASPNET Core 7 | AspNet Core Projects | Bootcamp | Advanced | Interview Questions | Web API

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What you'll learn

  • Confidently speak about most of the basic, intermediate and advanced concepts of Asp .Net Core
  • Crack Asp .Net Core job interviews easier
  • Strong Foundation of MVC Architecture Pattern and root level concepts of Asp .Net Core
  • Add two profile projects to your profile and increase chances of getting a better job
  • Learn professional developer best practices
  • Become equivalent to Senior-level Asp .Net Core developer with Repository Pattern, SOLID Principles, Clean Architecture, Serilog
  • Get Instructor-Support to your questions within 24 hours; max 48 hours



This is the only course you need to learn the complete coding and testing skills that a professional Asp .Net Core developer needs.

This is the most-comprehensive course on Asp .Net Core ever available on Udemy, which starts you from beginner to mastery in Asp .Net Core (MVC) development.

Top reasons - why should you opt this course over the other courses

  • The course is facilitated (instructed) by the lead instructor - Mr. Harsha Vardhan, India's leading in-person training programs trainer with top software development companies.
  • This course is up-to-date with .NET 7 and promised to keep it up-to-date for future releases of .NET and Asp .Net Core.
  • The course is constantly updated with new content on newer topics, new projects determined by the students - that's you!
  • You will build your portfolio project (a Stocks Trading Platform) through guidance provided by the Instructor (also, source code is provided to help you to rescue you in case if you stuck somewhere and to check quality of your code).
  • Many developers may feel challenged when they need to face technical interviews. To address this problem, we've included a comprehensive set of interview questions to test yourself before facing any technical interview on Asp .Net Core.
  • Coding is not the game of listening and following someone. You will have proper understanding of the subject only when you apply it on a meaningful application. So essential coding exercises (assignments) are provided in each section. So you will try each of them - and get instructor's source code and help when you stuck somewhere or become clue-less at certain point.
  • The definitions, best practices, diagrams presented in the course videos, are provided as 'Section cheat sheet' at the end of respective section. So you can use it as a moment of reference & revision, to recollect and apply what have you learnt from that section.
  • Advanced concepts such as xUnit, Moq, Serilog, Fluent Assertions, Repository Pattern, Clean Architecture, SOLID Principles, Unit testing and Integration testing, Asp .Net Core Identity are presented in the course, along with a promise to keep it up to date. So it's a future-proof course.
  • Professional developer best practices are included and explained in respective sections wherever necessary.
  • All topics are explained from scratch. So you need not worry about your prior knowledge / experience in Asp .Net Core. The only main prerequisites of this course are - C# and HTML.
  • Even, you need not much worry about advanced topics of C#; because brush-up lectures on the key concepts of C# such as Extension Methods, LINQ, Nullable reference types etc., are included as a extra section in this course.
  • Teaching methodology: Picture first - visualize and define everything before jumping into a new topic.
  • Lag-free and straight-to-the-point explanation
  • English captions are available for all lectures.

Does this course include Web API (RESTful Services)?


An exclusive course on Asp.Net Core WEB API is planned to be released by next year - 2023.

Of course, you will get background concepts (prerequisites) of Asp .Net Core Web API, such as model binding, HTTP status, configuration, environment, unit testing, filters etc., in this course.

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