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Build Real World MYSQL Database Design Project

Build Real World MYSQL Database Design Project

Learn To Build Real World MYSQL Database Design & Management Project

What you'll learn

  • Build Practical projects during the course
  • Learn how to code in SQL
  • Boost your resume by learning an in-demand skill
  • Create your own database or interact with existing databases

Usually, programming languages are assumed to be used for programming purposes only but SQL breaks this stereotype as it can be used by people in the marketing or sales team to look through their data by executing a few queries on the dataset such as to see the trend of their sales or the marketing campaigns. SQL is useful for the finance sector as well, as it is beneficial for financial analysis which helps in saving a lot of time while going through the finance data having big figures.

Technology keeps on updating. With this, one has to be always updated with the latest technologies to survive in the tech industry. In the phase of learning new technology, SQL comes as a friend because most of the data-oriented technologies use SQL interface. Be it any aspect of technology, all possess data and therefore, they would have to support SQL in some form or the other. Having said that, learning SQL is a win-win situation as it is highly probable to come in handy while working on any data or data-driven technology.

It’s data! This valuable data needs to be stored and managed efficiently. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many sectors have gone from physical to completely virtual by 2022. More books are getting replaced by ebooks, papers are getting replaced by pdfs, data entry registers are getting replaced by excel sheets. This leads to more data, more data leads to the need for the management of data. It is not always convenient to analyze data manually when you have a database as big as millions of entries in it. SQL queries make it efficient to perform various operations such as getting rows based on certain filter criteria from the huge database and even performing manipulation to it as suited.

Data analysis involves processing and interpretation of data to deduce valuable information from it which can help in answering a question or solving a problem. SQL is listed as the most in-demand skill in the skill set for Data Analyst roles as data analysis involves working with a humongous amount of data and performing manipulation on it. SQL makes it easier for a data analyst to make strategic business decisions that can benefit stakeholders by analyzing the trends of the business.
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