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Complete Back-end (PHP) Course from Scratch with projects

Complete Back-end (PHP) Course from Scratch with projects

Learn Everything from Basic PHP to Advance PHP with Codeigniter 4 Framework and also with CRUD and Registration System

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What you'll learn

  • Completed Basics PHP Concepts
  • Completed SQL Concepts
  • Complete OOP in PHP
  • PHP with Database
  • CRUD in PHP
  • Codeigniter 4
  • Basics of Codeigniter
  • Codeigniter 4 with Database
  • Codeigniter 4 Libraries
  • Codeigniter 4 Helpers
  • CURUD in Codeigniter 4
  • Login and Signup System in Codeigniter 4

Do you want to learn the Back-end? This is the fundamental question if a person starts from zero/scratch. If you talk about the back end, the first thing that comes to mind is PHP, the world's most popular and widely used back-end programming language. Most CMS systems used PHP, like Wordpress, because of its rich functionality, especially when they launched the PHP 7 and the PHP 8 versions.

This is not a just course; it's a Beast Course because we cover every concept in this course; we start from zero, like what PHP is and what the server is, how you can install the server, and use the PHP script to be executed. Then we discuss the basic concepts of PHP, like loops, functions, variables, operators, and OOP in PHP.

We cover mainly/the necessary concepts from the OOP in PHP, like classes, methods, interfaces, and primarily how you can interact with your database using PHP. Once you learn the basics of PHP and OOP, we cover PHP's CRUD operations so you can easily understand how to perform the insert, update, and delete operations.

Once you learn the PHP concepts, we will give you ideas about SQL and How SQL works; once you have ideas about the queries, we will start the Codeigniter 4 framework.

While working on Codeigniter 4 framework, we start from zero with how you can download and configure the Codeigniter, and we give you basic ideas of the basics of CI 4. We discuss the Libraries and helpers and, most importantly, how you can connect with your database using CI4; once you have the basic ideas about CI4. Then we perform the CRUD operation in Codeigniter 4; while working on CRUD, we download and configure the new setup so you can easily understand what is happening.

We also teach you the login and signup system in Codeigniter 4 and try our best to give you ideas on creating a proper project with Codeigniter 4.

So this is not just a course; it's a Beast Course. 
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