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Complete Flutter 2022 guide: Build Android, IOS and Web apps

Complete Flutter 2022 guide: Build Android, IOS and Web apps

The ultimate Flutter & Dart guide to develop high performance production grade apps for Android, IOS and Web

What you'll learn

  • Build fast, production grade, native quality apps for Android, IOS and Web
  • Back-end with Firebase and deploy web apps to Firebase hosting for free
  • Start from scratch to understand all fundamental concepts of Flutter development
  • Build beautiful, appealing and responsive apps that fit every device size
  • We respond to all of your questions.
  • Become a fully-fledged flutter developer
  • Build portfolio of beautiful apps to impress any recruiters or clients
  • Firebase Firestore(No-SQL database) , Email Authentication and Google Authentication
  • Google flutter Architecture like MVVM and MVC
  • Learn to use Industry standard packages like Riverpod, Hooks and Provider

Welcome to the best and most industry-oriented hands-on course on Google Flutter where you’ll start from scratch and go step by step to become an industry-standard Flutter developer. We will respond to all of your DMs so that you have the best learning experience.

Here you’ll learn to use Flutter, Dart, and Firebase to build beautiful, high-performance production-grade apps for Android, iOS, and the web.

By the end of this course, you will be able to master topics like Layouts, animations, responsive handling, Streams, Future, Riverpod, Firebase, design patterns, and much more to develop apps that meet industry standards and get Google Flutter developer jobs.

Major companies such as BMW, Ali baba, eBay, Tencent, Toyota, Google, and many more are using Flutter for developing their apps. The demand is high but the supply of developers is low, so this creates the perfect opportunity for you to learn about this trending topic which is Flutter!

Having compiled over 2000 job descriptions, we are fully aware of the qualifications needed to become a skilled and well-paid Google Flutter developer. We created this course for anyone who wants to develop and release high-performance production-grade apps for Android, iOS, and the web all at once. What distinguishes this course from others is its industry standards. Your app may not be collaboration-friendly or may consume excessive power with the OS shutting the app down, making the app useless. However, similar disasters can be avoided with the right industry standards.

Major topics to be covered:

  • Creating Android, IOS apps and building websites
  • Mastering Animations & Layouts
  • More than 150 widgets
  • Dart Language
  • Responsive handling to make sure the app fits almost every screen
  • Navigations
  • Portfolio of apps to impress recruiters and clients
  • Streams & Future
  • State management from basics to advanced topics like Provider & Riverpod & Hooks
  • Firebase hosting for free
  • Domain name transfer
  • Email authentication, Google authentication for web and mobile
  • Deep dive into No-SQL database (Firestore)
  • Design patterns like MVVM, MVC

The difference between a good developer and a great developer is how you code your apps to consume less power and that is exactly where we help you to stand out. It’s a commendable skill in the Flutter community. But it’s also a highly neglected skill. Fortunately, it’s one of the major topics you’ll master here.
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