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Complete REXX course, from 0, for Windows and z/OS

Complete REXX course, from 0, for Windows and z/OS

This course is designed to teach you the basic skills required to write programs using the REXX language in z/OS. The course covers the TSO extensions

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What you'll learn

  • REXX programming on Windows and z/OS
  • Managing Windows by using REXX
  • Managing z/OS by using REXX

In this course, we are going to learn how to program with REXX, a very simple language used mainly for automation. We will start from 0, so no knowledge of any programming language is necessary. But at the same time, we will go quickly with the most fundamental sections that are typical and common for any programming language.

First, we will see how to work with REXX in the Windows environment so that you can also use it for personal tasks and to facilitate your routines. We will work with a very intuitive and useful text editor for programming and test the REXX instructions in an interactive way.

We will see how to interact with the Windows operating system and how to handle files, we will also see how to execute MS-DOS commands.

Then, we will see how to use REXX on z/OS. I will tell you how to get access to a Mainframe with z/OS so that you can access it from your computer and run your REXX programs IBM operating system. This environment is the original system where REXX was created. We will apply everything we have learned during the Windows phase and look at the specific options for working with REXX on z/OS (the latest operating system from IBM).

We will get the most out of REXX by creating interactive panels, handling datasets, and interacting with z/OS.

During the course, we will find simple tests and practical assignments to be able to review and apply what we are learning. I will review those assignments personally.

I hope you enjoy it and you find this course helpful. I'm attentive to my email, so you can contact me with any need.

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