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Data Science Marathon: 120 Projects To Build Your Portfolio

Data Science Marathon: 120 Projects To Build Your Portfolio

Build 120 Projects in 120 Days- Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning (Python, Flask, Django, AWS, Heruko Cloud)

What you'll learn

  • Real life case studies and projects to understand how things are done in the real world
  • Implement Machine Learning algorithms
  • Present Data Science projects to management
  • Explore how to deploy your machine learning models.
  • Have a great intuition of many Machine Learning models

About The Course : Data Science Marathon: 120 Projects To Build Your Portfolio

In This Course, Solve Business Problems Using Data Science Practically. Learn To Build & Deploy Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Auto Ml, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (Nlp) Web Applications Projects With Python (Flask, Django, Heroku, AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Watson, Streamlit Cloud).

Data science is the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful insights from data. Data science practitioners apply machine learning algorithms to numbers, text, images, video, audio, and more to produce artificial intelligence (AI) systems to perform tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence. In turn, these systems generate insights which analysts and business users can translate into tangible business value.

More and more companies are coming to realize the importance of data science, AI, and machine learning. Regardless of industry or size, organizations that wish to remain competitive in the age of big data need to efficiently develop and implement data science capabilities or risk being left behind.

Online Course CoupoNED based Analytics Education Company and aims at Bringing Together the analytics companies and interested Learners.