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Deep Dive iOS 16 SwiftUI Programming

Deep Dive iOS 16 SwiftUI Programming

Learn how to create iOS apps using iOS 16, Xcode 14 Storyboards, Swift UI and Interface Builder. Learn and master Swift 5 fundamentals.

What you'll learn

  • Learn to build an iOS 16 App
  • Learn good programming practices
  • Learn MVVM design pattern
  • Have fun programming and exploring

About The Course :  Deep Dive iOS 16 SwiftUI Programming

This course focuses on iOS 16 programming using SwiftUI. You will learning programming fundamentals of the Swift programming. This is a project based course. In each project you will learn about more features of the language and gain more experience. The Apps will be written using the MVVM software design pattern which goes hand in hand with SwiftUI.

We will start by learning SwiftUI Essentials. Then we will move on to creating projects. We will create a Tip Calculator based on a design from the site Dribble. We will create a quote a day app that uses a quote API, in other words we will learn how too grab data off the internet. We will learn how to create a flash card/trivia game with an emphasis on drag, magnify and tap gestures. We will create amazing frontend user interfaces of a task manager, a finance app and a meditation app. We will learn how to create code snippets to speed up our app development process. We will learn about text to speech and speech to text. We will learn how to apply filters to images.

Moreover this course is dynamic in the sense that I will regularly post more material of my own and/or in response to specific requests from students.

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