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Easy Language Introduction

Easy Language Introduction

This comprehensive video will teach you how to create and modify simple indicators based on your trading ideas, and then apply them to a chart or RadarScreen.

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Easy language is a computer programming language, early called E language, also usually refers to the corresponding integrated development environment, its biggest feature is the Chinese characters for the program code programming, with ease of use. The syntax style is similar to Visual Basic. Yi Language's founder, Wu Tao, has said that the original intention of Yi Language was to practice writing programs in Chinese. [1] The earliest version of Easy Language was released on September 16, 2000. [2] At present, there are Yi language and Yi language. Feiyang and Yi Le Valley three versions, all have a dedicated integrated development environment. The latter two versions have not been updated for a long time. Easy language integrated development environment is only available for Windows. It can create applications under Windows and Linux respectively, but it cannot support Linux graphical user interface. Although Feiyang provides partial support for graphical user interface development under Linux, it still cannot run well. Easy language code can only be written in the official integrated development environment, so the following easy language characteristics include the characteristics of easy language integrated development environment. All in Chinese, including official library, instruction manual, community environment, community module. Built-in first spell and full spell input method, directly input pinyin can be automatically completed to match Chinese commands. Low threshold, unified rules of command name, there are immediate completion, command can be directly fuzzy guess. All program definitions, variable constants declaration, system API calls, etc., are in the form of table filling, no need to remember the syntax. The flow control command line will display the flow helper line prompt execution where to skip, clearly prompt the program execution order. The official library fully encapsulates the API and simplifies, the command parameters are explained, the command has a demonstration of the running source. Development is rapid, and the community has a wealth of modules in the spirit of functional programming. Localization functions are provided, such as lunar calendar, Chinese pronunciation processing, Chinese character simplification processing, full half corner character processing, to facilitate the writing of related programs. When written, it is automatically converted to a fixed format, and any program source code format is unified. Support to take subroutine pointer and direct call pointer; Support multiple specified source files into a file load, do not support to save multiple files; Function and operator overloading is not supported. Classes that expose members are not supported; Pointer operations are not supported. Plugins allow variables to be automatically declared based on the type of value they are assigned. The plug-in supports default apis, constants, and subroutines that are automatically inserted into the source code when invoked.

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