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Economics of Energy Storage using Data Science

Economics of Energy Storage using Data Science

Using Data Science to gain insights about Energy Storage

What you'll learn

  • This is a very brief online course. I plan to add more videos soon! Please bear with me!
  • Python & Excel examples of key parameters of energy storage
  • Efficiency, Power Capability, Duration and Energy Storage
  • Energy Storage is the most promising Energy Technology
  • Python modelling of Energy Storage for parameter optimisation

What is the course about: Economics of Energy Storage using Data Science

The course teaches key parameters of Energy Storage using Data Science. Energy Storage is a valuable energy infrastructure asset that has significant scope for growth.

Parameters such as Energy Capacity, Energy Efficiency, Energy Power Capability and duration, are shown in excel and Python.

This is an introductory course, with more videos coming up soon.


I am a research fellow at Imperial College London, and I have been part of high-tech projects at the intersection of Academia & Industry for over 10 years, prior to, during & after my Ph.D. I am also the founder of the giannelos dot com program in data science.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Analytics & Mathematical Optimization applied to Energy Investments, from Imperial College London, and Masters of Engineering (M. Eng.) in Power Systems and Economics.


  • Prerequisites: The course Data Science Code that appears all the time at Workplace.
  • Every detail is explained, so that you won't have to search online, or guess. In the end, you will feel confident in your knowledge and skills.
  • We start from scratch so that you do not need to have done any preparatory work in advance at all.  Just follow what is shown on screen, because we go slowly and explain everything in detail.

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