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Full Stack Development With Next JS & Typescript

Full Stack Development With Next JS & Typescript

Learn Next JS from scratch with Typescript and Tailwind CSS by building a real world fullstack blog application.

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What you'll learn

  • Learn basic of Next JS
  • Build a Next JS foundation with simple project
  • Build advance real world fullstack blog app
  • Learn to manage database, api and cloud using Next JS
  • Learn to build real word project using React Typescript Tailwind CSS and Next JS

There's no better way to learn programming than by making real world projects.

This is the lesson I learned as a self taught programmer. There is no doubt that learning to code is hard, but only if you don't know how and from whom to learn.

Hi my name is Niraj I teach beginners how to code. And I made this course to teach Next JS for all levels of programmers. In this course we will learn to-
  • build an advance blog app to understand the concept of Next JS
  • build Authentication and Middlewares
  • add user intraction like comments, likes
  • build an admin panel
  • build custom rich text editor
  • build real world advance UI using Tailwind CSS
  • use real world database like MongoDB
  • use cloud storage called cloudinary
Inside this course we have everything for you to understand fullstack development using Next JS and Typescript. Like I mentioned above here you will learn to build advance UI using React JS and a populer CSS framework Tailwind CSS.

Introduction to Typescript

At first we will understand what is Typescript, how to write Typescript and how to use it with React JS. Because Next JS is just an advance of React JS.

Small Project for Fundamental

Then we will directly jump to learn about Next js fundamentals by building a small blog application. Where you will learn to fetch and render data from local file system and also we will cover topics like server side rendering, github and publishing a Next js app.

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