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Git, GitHub & Markdown Crash Course: Learn Git, GitHub & MD

Git, GitHub & Markdown Crash Course: Learn Git, GitHub & MD

Learn Git, GitHub and Markdown. Manage software project’s code, Collaborate with other developers and boost your skills

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What you'll learn

  • Git, GitHub and Markdown
  • Track and record code changes
  • Avoid losing important files and parts
  • Manage software project’s code and changes
  • Collaborate with other developers and engineers
  • Branching and Merging capabilities
  • Lots of flexibility in your workflow
  • Create and host repositories on GitHub
  • Keep up to date with updates on GitHub
  • Pushing and Pulling changes
  • Use projects of other developers to practice and enhance your skills
  • Hide specified parts of projects
  • Use Markdown to add stylish text, long description, and instructions on GitHub

Git and GitHub are used to:

  • Facilitate team work.
  • Collaborate with others.
  • Record and Track changes in projects
  • Manage software projects.
  • Practice and test new ideas.
  • Avoid losing important files from projects.
  • Make your projects visible to employers and bring job opportunities and successes.
  • Help you improve your project with speed, transparency, reliability, and flexibility.
  • Test different codes without affecting the main project.
  • Go back to any step or version of project.
  • You will learn everything you need about these features and more in this course.
Actually, learning these skills will open up many opportunities for you.

So, we have created this course for you with full lifetime access.
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