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Go: The Complete Modern Golang Developer's Guide (2023)

Go: The Complete Modern Golang Developer's Guide (2023)

Golang: Master the Go Programming Language from the fundamentals to advanced with a lot of real exercises and solutions.

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What you'll learn

  • Learn Golang from scratch to advanced Go programming
  • Learn to write simple and complex Go program
  • Develop programs with Golang that are highly Concurrent and Parallel.
  • Learn to apply struct, map, slice ... to quickly build complex Go programs
  • Improve your programming skills in Go with more advanced, mulithreading topics.
  • See how to use multithreading for modeling certain types of problems and simulations.
  • Understand the advantages, limits and properties of Parallel computing.
  • Learn about goroutines, mutexes, reader writers locks, waitgroups, channels, condition variables and more.

Go (Golang) is one of the fastest-growing programming languages designed by Google. Your deep understanding of Go can change your career forever. This course is designed to teach Go from scratch.

We will start from the basics and go deeper into Golang. Concurrency, for instance, is the selling point of Go and is very difficult for many trainers to handle. This course will make concurrency so easy for you to understand. As you learn, you will meet different scenarios, assignments, exercises with solutions, and examples with a lot of hands-on to make you gain the knowledge of Go very fast. Also included in this course are the basics and advanced projects to also make you experience how to use the language in the real world. At end of this course, you should be able to deploy Go in your projects.

This course is developed with beginners and experienced developers in mind

#Reviews about my courses

"This course was very in-depth, it does take a lot of time and focus but was certainly worth it. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to further advance in his or her career."

"Thanks for sharing such valuable information."

"It's an interesting well explained course for the beginners with enough practice material to get a hold on concepts. I am building more & more knowledge & interest at each micro-step"

"Such a great match! So far he explains it in lamen's terms that are incredibly easy to understand. I am looking forward to more!"

"It is a great opportunity to learn valuable things which can boost you for a perfect job. The Instructor has the talent to transfer the knowledge. Watch the videos, Practice more and more. One of my best courses. Probably the best!"

"I learned a lot of stuff. This course contains a lot of information and is well organized. Really good teacher!"

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