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HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap - Beginner to Expert + Bootcamp

HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap - Beginner to Expert + Bootcamp

Become a hands-on front-end developer with responsive web design (RWD) using flexbox & grid layouts - HTML,CSS,Sass,BS

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What you'll learn

  • Practice HTML & CSS - the easy way
  • Sass and Bootstrap with real-world practical usage
  • Responsive web design using flexbox & grid layouts
  • Pseudo classes and elements, selectors, combinators, flexbox, grid, display property, media queries, transform and animation properties
  • 100% practical course on HTML, CSS, Sass and Bootstrap
  • Real-world questions for interview preparation
  • Practical Assignments and hands-on projects

If you are serious about learning web development from scratch – then let me assure you, this is the only HTML/CSS/Sass/Bootstrap course you’ll ever need to become a hands-on developer!

When you start this course (even if you have ZERO knowledge about HTML/CSS/Sass/Bootstrap) – you’ll be given proper guidance and taught step by step in order to understand and completely grasp the topics.

I am here just not to teach you theoretically about the concepts but to explain each lecture with easy to understand and practice examples. Adding to that, I’ve covered real-world interview questions which are asked by fortune 100/500 companies.

Understanding the fundamentals of HTML and CSS is the foundation of becoming a smart and confident developer who is ready to take on any challenge head-on!

If you have gone through my other courses, you’ll know that the lectures are methodical, logical and of course practical. It is indeed a progressive course, as I will add more practical assignments and projects from time to time along with version updates.

Lastly, if you want to learn HTML, CSS, Sass, and Bootstrap in the simplest and in a methodical way – this course is crafted just for you as this is the only material you will ever need to master this subject!

If you think you are ready for this exciting learning journey, then start right now and hit the “Take this course" button.

Giving this course a try is not a bad idea as you have Udemy’s backing of a 30-day refund policy. (Though I’m confident that you won't regret your decision!)

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