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Practical SQL With Python In 3 Days

Practical SQL With Python In 3 Days

Build 3 Python Projects In 3 Days Using SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL

What you'll learn

  • Work with SQL databases confidently in python applications
  • Build and deploy a web-based API using FastAPI and PostgreSQL
  • Understand cursors, transactions, connections, and query execution in depth
  • Explore more advanced topics around dynamic SQL generation, prepared statements, and non-tuple cursors

Welcome to the best resource online for learning to work with SQL in python.

Python and SQL are two of the most in-demand skills in any data-related or data-adjacent role today.

In this course, we'll use SQLite, MySQL and PostreSQL to build three projects of increasing complexity that will give you a solid foundation in using SQL in python applications.

Over 17 hours and 50 coding assignments, you will gain practical mastery of, not only SQL and python, but also tens of programming and computer science concepts.

In building these projects, you won’t be copy/pasting code. Instead, we will be writing code from scratch, and we will be writing lots of it.

This "forced" practice will help solidify your understanding of the concepts and techniques we cover. Each assignment will be followed by a detailed solution and explanation.

By the end of the course, after 3 immersive days, SQL and python will be on your resume!

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