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Python Data Visualization: Matplotlib & Seaborn Masterclass

Python Data Visualization: Matplotlib & Seaborn Masterclass

Bring your data to LIFE and master Python's most popular data analytics & visualization libraries: Matplotlib & Seaborn

What you'll learn

  • Master the essentials of Matplotlib & Seaborn, two of Python's most powerful data visualization packages
  • Design and format 20+ chart types using Matplotlib & Seaborn, including line charts, bar charts, scatter plots, histograms, violin plots, heatmaps and more
  • Learn advanced customization options like subplots, gridspec, style sheets and parameters
  • Apply best practices for data visualization, storytelling, formatting and visual design
  • Build powerful, practical skills for modern analytics and business intelligence

About The Course :  Python Data Visualization: Matplotlib & Seaborn Masterclass


. Intro to Data Visualization

  • Learn data visualization frameworks and best practices for choosing the right charts, applying effective formatting, and communicating clear, data-driven stories and insights

. Matplotlib Fundamentals

  • Explore Python's Matplotlib library and use it to build and customize several essential chart types, including line charts, bar charts, pie/donut charts, scatterplots and histograms

. PROJECT #1: Analyzing the Global Coffee Market

  • Read data into Python from CSV files provided by a major global coffee trader, and use Matplotlib to visualize volume and price data by country

. Advanced Customization

  • Apply advanced customization techniques in Matplotlib, including multi-chart figures, custom layout and colors, style sheets, gridspec, parameters and more

. PROJECT #2: Visualizing Global Coffee Production

  • Continue your analysis of the global coffee market, and leverage advanced data visualization and formatting techniques to build a comprehensive report to communicate key insights

. Data Visualization with Seaborn

  • Visualize data with Python's Seaborn library, and build custom visuals using additional chart types like box plots, violin plots, joint plots, pair plots, heatmaps and more

. PROJECT #3: Analyzing Used Car Sales

  • Use Seaborn and Matplotlib to explore, analyze and visualize automotive auction data to help your client identify the best deals on used service vehicles for the business

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