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React Fundamentals Quickstart: A Fast Start for Developers

React Fundamentals Quickstart: A Fast Start for Developers

A thorough quickstart for existing developers new to React. In just over an hour, learn the core React concepts.

What you'll learn

  • Create a React application from scratch
  • Use React's JSX syntax
  • Create React components
  • Communicate between components
  • Style React components with CSS in JS, CSS classes, CSS modules, and SASS
  • Display images in React components
  • Bind to data in React components
  • Handle user input with events
  • Manage component state with the useState() hook
  • Access API data with the useEffect() hook
  • Use React Router to define routes and pages (URLs)
  • Link to routes/pages
  • Access URL query/search parameters
  • Define and use route parameters

This course begins by teaching you how to create a new React application from scratch using create-react-app, including an introduction to how the plumbing of how a React app is bootstrapped. You'll learn what react is, how it uses ReactDOM to efficiently render content, and the important parts of React's unique JSX syntax.

In addition, you'll learn how to:

  • Create your own React components
  • Style your componetns with css, css modules, and SASS
  • Display data and images in your components
  • Share data across components
  • Manage component state (data which changes over time) with the useState() hook
  • Respond to user events like mouse clicks
  • Define and link to URLs, routes and pages
  • Use URL Query and Route Parameters
  • Share state (data) across multiple components
  • Access API data with the fetch() and React's useEffect() hook
You'll learn all this and more as we build an e-commerce website that's both interesting and relevant to modern web development. The application built can be accessed on Github and the Github repo contains a checkpoint for each video in the course, so you can easily explore the application at any given point in the course.

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