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Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I (LWC & AURA also)

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I (LWC & AURA also)

Pass your Platform Developer 1 certification exam with this course.Learn Apex, Visualforce,LWC, Lightning Aura Framework

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What you'll learn

  • You will be able to pass your Platform Developer 1 exam.
  • Understand the Salesforce data model and query languages.
  • Learn about Apex triggers and best practices for writing triggers
  • You will learn about DML statements, Database Methods, Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL), Salesforce object Query Language (SOQL).
  • You will learn about Triggers, Test classes, Debugging
  • They will become masters of APEX programming
  • Jump start your career in Salesforce Development.
  • This course covers everything you need to know to become Salesforce Developer
  • Use standard controllers with basic Visualforce pages
  • Utilize Visualforce with custom-built Apex controllers
  • Write test coverage
  • Configure your Salesforce development environment
  • Learn about Governor Limits in Salesforce
  • Learn about Save order of Execution in Salesforce
  • Learn about Apex Design patterns

Complete Course updated with NEW Videos. (All videos recorded in  new Lightning UI)

Oct 4th,2022: LWC (Lightning Web Component) Videos added

Oct 4th,2022:  Lightning Aura Framework videos Added

Are you looking to pass your Platform Developer 1 exam? If yes, this is the course for you.

In order to pass your Platform Developer 1 exam, the knowledge and experience of the Salesforce Platform are not enough. You also need to get to grips with the exam itself.  And that's why I have designed this "Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I".
Online Course CoupoNED based Analytics Education Company and aims at Bringing Together the analytics companies and interested Learners.