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Starting with Apache Wicket (version 9.x+)

Starting with Apache Wicket (version 9.x+)

Get started with Apache Wicket in 2022 with forms, components, MongoDB, GridFS and backed by SpringBoot

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What you'll learn

  • How to make a basic Apache Wicket project setup
  • Manage Apache Wicket + Spring Boot integration
  • Explore Apache Wicket basic concepts
  • Develop basic Todo App using Wicket
  • Connecting to database using Spring Data integration (MongoDB)
  • Using Apache Wicket components
  • Use HTML/CSS templates together with Apache Wicket related tag attributes
  • Understand how to design application with Apache Wicket in background

welcome to the ‘Starting with Apache Wicket’ course. With this course you are going to add a value to your existing JAVA and Apache Wicket 9+ (with SpringBoot) knowledge by getting familiar with several techniques for solving specifically selected areas of JAVA web application development.

We will focus on several topics often useful in corporate JAVA development but not exclusively. SpringBoot is being used here as an underlying framework, but solutions presented here are not specific to this platform and can be reused e.g. with recent Quarkus support etc.

Primary idea of this course is to help a new or existing Apache Wicket developers to adopt certain knowledge in easy way. Solutions presented are being used for several years in production grade Wicket applications and libraries used are well known for stability and active development. This will protect the value invested into adopting some libraries or projects.

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