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The Complete Computer Forensics Course for 2022 PRO | CFCT+

The Complete Computer Forensics Course for 2022 PRO | CFCT+

Start Computer Forensics Career now and see your Growth step by step and Unlock your potential. Digital Forensics Police

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What you'll learn

  • Computer Forensics
  • Image Acquisition
  • Image Analysis
  • Memory (RAM) Acquisition from Digital Evidence
  • Network Training for Computer Forensics
  • Memory Anaylsis
  • Fundamental and Advanced Training about Digital Forensics
  • Memory Acquisition with FTK Imager
  • Linux Training for Computer Forensics
  • Storage Analysis with Autospy
  • Memory Acquisition from Infected Device
  • Evidence Collection for Digital Forensics
  • Memory Analysis with Volatility
  • and other awesome topics ->

*Get the Official Certificate after Completing the Course

Welcome to the 21st century, where almost everything is connected to a computer. Digital cameras are built into doorbells; your smartphone tracks your daily movements from work to home and back; and you receive social media updates when you go to the gym, see a show, or visit a new city. Digital technology tracks your phone calls, bank transactions, and medical appointments. What about criminal or unethical behavior if it tracks your mundane daily activities?

That activity is also monitored, and as a digital forensic investigator, you'll need to understand where digital evidence is stored and how to analyse it. There is almost no criminal activity that does not involve digital evidence, and it is your responsibility as an investigator to gather all available evidence, process it, and present your findings to the authorities.
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