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Ultimate Solution - SAFe 5.1 SSM Certificate Practice Exams

Ultimate Solution - SAFe 5.1 SSM Certificate Practice Exams

5 sessions of exam, including 2 full simulation tests, total 165 questions, answers and explanations 2022-2023

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This series of practice exams contains 5 tests, including 3 full simulation exams, from beginning to intermediate level in terms of knowledge. There are total 120 questions with answer, and detailed explanation for each. It is for one of the three SAFe fundamental certifications, Scrum Master (SSM). The other two are SAFe Agilist (SA) and Product Owner/Product Manager (POPM). I myself am certified for all these three. I have published another series of practice exam questions for POPM.

The only secret to pass an exam and obtain a professional certifications is to practice the exam questions and see the corresponding correct answers as many as you can before taking the exam. The more questions you have seen, the more certainty you have!

Knowledge area covered:

1. Introducing Scrum in SAFe

  • Examine basic Agile development concepts
  • Explore Scrum basics
  • Position an Agile Team in a SAFe Enterprise

2. Characterizing the role of the Scrum Master

  • Examine the responsibilities of the Scrum Master role
  • Explore the characteristics of an effective Scrum Master
  • Build high-performing teams
  • Facilitate effective Agile Team events
  • Coach the Agile Team using powerful questions
  • Collaborate with other teams
  • Resolve conflicts

3. Experiencing PI Planning

  • Prepare to experience PI Planning
  • Create and review draft PI plans
  • Finalize plans and establish business value
  • Review final plans and commit to a set of PI Objectives
  • Facilitate an effective PI Planning process

4. Facilitating Iteration execution

  • Plan the Iteration
  • Track the Iteration progress
  • Refine the backlog
  • Facilitate the Iteration Review
  • Facilitate relentless improvement
  • Support DevOps and Release on Demand

5. Finishing the PI

  • Coach the IP Iteration
  • Prepare the team for the Inspect and Adapt Event

Target students:

1. For the students who have just begun learning Scaled Agile Framework, who want to practice at work, the provided questions & answers will trigger your interest to learn more about SAFe style Scrum Master, knowing their role and responsibilities.

2. For the students who have already taken a 2-day course, wanted to become a certified Scrum Master, this is the ultimate solution to succeed the exam. I have obtained 6 certifications. My experience tells me that the course contents are far less for passing the exam. But the more questions you have seen and known the answer, the higher chance will you succeed. I don't want to say that it is guaranteed that you will pass, for students vary; but, why not?

3. For those who are currently a Project Manager, Scrum Master, or Business Analyst, these questions and answers will instill the up-to-date framework and methodology to your daily practice.

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