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UML: UML Modelling and Design Complete Course for Beginners

UML: UML Modelling and Design Complete Course for Beginners

Complete UML Course: UML Diagrams along with step wise UML Object Oriented approach using Smart Draw and Visual Paradigm

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What you'll learn

● The introduction and importance of Unified Modelling and Design.
● Practical explanation and live implementation of all important diagrams used in UML.
● Basic concepts of requirement engineering required for understanding UML
● Practical implementation of UML concepts
● Complete guide and tutorial of UML Diagrams from scratch to Final Project
● Mini projects and Quizzes with Solutions to reinforce your learning skills
● Mini Projects, Case study and final project to explain everything in detail
● Segregated modules to learn fundamental concepts of UML Modelling along with explanation and practical implementation using quizzes
● Case Study: Banking System along with system requirements
● Mini Projects: Hospital Management System, Library Management System, Online Shopping System, Airport Check in System, Stock Brokerage System, Report Card Gen
● Project: ATM System
● Interview Preparations
● UML Glossary

Comprehensive Course Description

UML (Unified Modeling Language), a standardized modeling language, is a powerful tool. This general purpose language consists of a unified set of diagrams. However, you must first understand that UML isn't a programming language. Rather, it's a visual language developed to help software and system developers for specifying, visualizing, creating, and documenting the objects of software systems, as well as for non-software systems and business modeling.

We need UML because complex applications are dependent on the collaboration and planning of various teams. But the problem is businesspeople don't understand code. In this context, having a clear way of communication amongst team members is crucial. Here's where UML helps non-programmers to quickly understand the essential requirements, processes, and functionalities of the system. UML represents a selection of best engineering practices. These practices have proven to be highly successful in modeling huge and complex systems.

UML is a vital component of developing object-oriented software. In fact, UML is important for the entire software development process. UML expresses the design of software projects using mostly graphical notations. Project teams can communicate, analyze potential designs, and confirm the software's architectural design using UML.

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