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Unreal Engine 5 C++ The Ultimate Game Developer Course

Unreal Engine 5 C++ The Ultimate Game Developer Course

Unreal Engine 4 C++ The Ultimate Game Developer Course. Learn how to develop, code and package a complete video game in Unreal Engine.

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What you'll learn

  • How to code games in Unreal Engine 5
  • An RPG action game with a third-person character
  • Combat with swords and other melee weapons
  • Creation of enemies that attack the player
  • Health bars and player stats
  • Unreal Engine 5's Open World system
  • Level design and creation of realistic scenes with Quixel Megascans
  • Motion Warping, Unreal Engine 5's new system for customized root motion animations
  • Particle effects like blood splatter and weapon trails
  • Unreal Engine 5's new MetaSounds system and high-quality sounds in game
  • Best coding practices for coding games in Unreal Engine 5
  • Use of data structures and algorithms for games
  • Design patterns used in Unreal Engine
  • Creation of multiple types of enemies, from humanoids wielding weapons to monsters and other creatures
  • Importing entire dungeon levels into our Open World map with Packed Level Instances

Learn Unreal Engine 5 C++ Programming by Creating an Action-RPG Style Open World Game!

This course will take you from beginner to hero as we create everything in this course project from scratch. Learn Unreal Engine 5's new features from Open World maps, Quixel Bridge megascans for ultra-realistic environments, landscape sculpting and painting, dungeons, free-roaming creatures and humanoids with various weapons, breakable objects that spawn treasure, and more!

Slay your way through your open world level, hacking and slashing creatures, breaking pots and collecting treasure and souls, and try to keep your health and stamina high!

We will implement enemy behavior that can be reused for various creature types, including gruntlings, raptors, insects, and golems. Code your character to be able to pick up and equip better and better weapons as she slays stronger and stronger monsters and collects loot.

We will cover new Unreal Engine 5 features such as Motion Warping, Meta Sounds, Linked Anim Graphs, UE5's new retargeting system with IK Rigs and IK Retargeters, Leg IK with Control Rigs, visual effect creation in Niagara, and more!

We'll start with a completely empty level and add everything from sky and atmosphere, nature, trees and plants, and we'll even import an entire dungeon level with the use of UE5's new Packed Level Instance feature.

We will cover vectors and game development mathematics in a full math section to prepare you for gameplay programming before diving in and creating our first C++ class.

We will then learn Unreal Engine's class hierarchy, creating a basic Actor, learning about trigonometry as we use the sine function to give our items floating behavior.

We then create a Bird using the Pawn class so we can fly around our level and get a literal bird's-eye view.

We then create our Character class, using Echo from the Valley of the Ancient Epic-released free project, a beautiful and lifelike humanoid with cloth physics on her scarf and garments.

We implement weapon equipping and combat. We learn how to calculate directional hit reactions, using root motion animations to make our enemies stumble in the correct direction based on the direction of impact.

We give our enemies patrolling behavior, then chasing and attacking behavior. We make our enemies smarter with the use of UE5's new Motion Warping system, warping our enemy's location and rotation to make it hit the target more frequently, and making it harder to move out of harm's way.

We then give Echo a fighting chance, by implementing a dodge ability, similar to Dark Souls and Elden Ring. She can dodge out of the way while the enemy swings fervently, making them miss so we can move in to counter-attack.

We make breakable pots and vases using the Chaos destruction system, and these breakables spawn treasure when we break them, allowing us to collect loot and increment our gold count in the HUD.

We create a beautiful Soul effect in Niagara, and make enemies spawn souls upon death so we can gain experience points.

We learn how to make enemies stronger with an Attribute component, giving them varying levels of health and damage, and soul spawn counts.

We use UE5's new Animation Blueprint Templates to reuse all of our enemy code to create different types of enemies, from humanoids that wield weapons to creatures that bite, sting, and smash.

Get your RPG project started with this amazing course, which is the product of nearly a decade of professional Unreal Engine experience and teaching.

This course is in a whole new universe than the original UE4 version I created four years ago! Benefit from years of learning, teaching, and implementing Unreal's newly evolved system with its cutting-edge game creation capabilities!

This is my most well-taught course yet, and by far the most beautiful game project of all my courses on Udemy thus far.

Join me and let's have a ton of fun creating the start of an action RPG hack-and-slash Open World game in Unreal Engine 5!
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