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Web development with HTML and CSS: Build Real-World websites

Web development with HTML and CSS: Build Real-World websites

Become a Web Designer and Developer by Building modern real world responsive WEBSITES using HTML, CSS, SASS and more.

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What you'll learn

  • Design and code real world modern websites
  • Design and code any website that you can imagine
  • Adapt website to any type of device using responsive design
  • Modern Css, Sass and UI
  • Important and must-have HTML concepts such as paragraphs, headings, images, videos, audios, forms and tables
  • Important and must-have CSS concepts such as selectors, solving selector conflicts, box model, colors, paddings, margins and backgrounds
  • Design with components
  • Write clean code
  • Code debug and fix
  • Build cool websites with great content also good looking
  • Website hosting using netlify

Are you looking to start a career in Web development? If yes, HTML, CSS, UI are must-have skills for your belt. They are the basics of the entire web.

HTML is the markup language used to build websites, CSS is the styling language used to make websites beautiful, and the UI is what you see on your screen.

This course covers all of that from the Complete beginning level, and if you take seriously, by the end you'll be conquering HTML, CSS and UI by building real world responsive websites (not boring ? websites).

Reasons to take this course?

#1- The course is practical (project - based)

After learning HTML and CSS you will be developing a huge unique project just for this course - the fictional car dealer company 7cars.

#2 - You will be able to think, design and build any website that you can imagine

Not only will you learn the theory of HTML and CSS, but you will also apply these skills to create amazing real-world projects like the one you saw in the promotional video.

#3 - Start a career in web development

Web development is one of the highest paying industries in the world. Who thinks to become a web developer must initially know HTML and CSS.

This is an all-in-one golden package that takes you from 0 on HTML and CSS, to build beautiful modern real world websites using tools used among professional web developers.

#4 - You will progress to another programming languages with greater ease.

Knowing HTML and CSS you will be able to understand languages like Javascript with greater ease.

How this course differs from others on the internet?

This course differs from hundreds of thousands on the Internet because:
  • This course was designed by those who have already faced difficulties that beginners face and know the right path to be followed.
  • This course explains the code in small detail, repeating, in small detail.
  • You won't just be copying and pasting code.
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