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Web Scraping: Scrape Data to Google Sheets with Sheets Genie

Web Scraping: Scrape Data to Google Sheets with Sheets Genie

Learn how to scrape websites to Google Sheets: turn Google Sheets into a business automation & web scraping powerhouse

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What you'll learn

  • Scrape data from websites directly to Google Sheets
  • Set up and use Sheets Genie for web scraping
  • Identify elements and data to scrape on website pages via CSS Selectors
  • Customize scrape setups to get data in your sheets exactly like you want it
Turn Google Sheets into a business automation & web scraping powerhouse with Sheets Genie.

This course teaches you how to scrape data from a website into Google Sheets with Sheets Genie, but Sheets Genie is bigger than "just" its awesome web scraping capabilities.

The big picture is that Sheets Genie lets you create step by step systems you can automate to collect, organize, and process your data however you want in Google Sheets, so web scraping is "just" one powerful way you can collect data in Google Sheets with it.

What this means for you: yes, you can use Sheets Genie as a powerful web scraper, as you'll learn how to do in this course, but on a daily basis, you can also use it for so much more than that with Google Sheets, like whenever you want process data in a sheet and remove rows that contain certain values, for example.

As far as this course goes, Sheets Genie's web scraping + data processing capabilities = web scraping magic, because it means you can scrape a website, send the data to Google Sheets, and then with one click remove any unwanted data from your scrape, reorganize your columns exactly the way you want them, and on and on. The main limit to what you can do with this combination is your imagination.

If you're interested in using Sheets Genie as mainly a "Google Sheets web scraper", it will help you with website scraping and data extraction in the following ways:
  • No messy CSVs or other export / import situations, where you first have to export your scraped data, then import it into another spreadsheet tool, because…
  • It not only scrapes your information for you, but it scrapes it directly to your target spreadsheet
  • You have absolute control over where your data is placed in your spreadsheet, including even the exact sheet and column, and sometimes, even row
  • If you have a column of urls, you can automatically scrape all those links, and then have the scrape results automatically placed in your spreadsheet
  • If appropriate, this includes the option to place the results exactly in the row where the link was found, kind of like enriching that row with additional information
  • After your scrape, with just one click you can exclude any results that contain certain values that you don't want in your sheet for whatever reason, thanks to Sheets Genie's data processing capabilities
Enroll in the course today and see how Sheets Genie can help you with web scraping, data processing, business automation, and more.
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