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Angular interview questions (All core concepts + hands-on)

Angular interview questions (All core concepts + hands-on)

Most frequently asked questions in any Angular interview, increase your chance to get hired

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What you'll learn

  • Angular interview questions
  • Angular intermediate concepts
  • Angular advanced concepts
  • Angular router

This course is made for Angular developers who are looking for a new job or if you want to level up in your current organization. I am CV Vikash, and I have 7+ years of experience in Front-end and also I have worked on different complex projects in Angular. I have come up with this course which explains the core concepts with code examples.

I also have taken more than 100+ interviews and given 100+ interviews so I know what the interviewer expects and how the interviewee should answer the question. I also noticed the commonly repeated mistakes done by candidates and I kept that in mind while explaining the concepts to avoid the mistakes in your future interviews.

Features of this course:

  • Intermediate angular core concepts
  • Advanced Angular concepts
  • Level up your Angular skills
  • Quick 4 hours of preparation guide .
  • Crack interviews of any company from startups to big MNC companies .
  • Best fit if you have limited time for Angular interview prepration .
  • Topics are explained with code examples so that you can answer in interviews with clear-cut understanding .
  • Ask your doubts in the discussion section, you will get answers to your questions.
  • Every explanation is to the point which will save your precious time
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