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Complete Front-end Series from Basic To Advancewith Projects

Complete Front-end Series from Basic To Advancewith Projects

Learn everything from HTML to HTML5, CSS to CSS3, JavaScript to jquery with Bootstrap 5 with Examples and Projects

Start Learning web development Now =>  Complete Front-end Series from Basic To Advancewith Projects

What you'll learn

  • Complete HTML
  • Complete HTML5
  • CSS
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 5 with Projects

Welcome to this beast series of Front-end...! Why am I saying beast series? Because we cover all the things which are reqruied in the front-end, yes, that sounds good. We start from the basics like IDE and will teach you the HTML; yes, when you learn the basics of the HTML, we discuss the enhanced version of the HTML, which is HTML5.

What about the styling of your website? Yes, we will cover CSS and CSS 3, so don't worry; we will cover every single concept required in CSS; Once you know CSS and CSS3, we will start the JavaScript language.

While learning javascript, we start from the basics like javascript and how to set up/execute the javascript code and create the JS files. What are the variables and conditions, operators, functions, arrays, objects, and events that we will cover in this JS section?

Once you have the JS knowledge, we start jQuery, a library of javascript; WE will discuss why you need to use the jQuery library and how to add jquery to your project/File. What are the Events available in jS? How to use the JS code in jQuery there are many things we will cover from the jquery sections. Once you learn all the basics from each section, we will discuss the front-end framework. Yes, I am talking about Bootstrap 5.
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