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Data Mesh: The Complete Masterclass

Data Mesh: The Complete Masterclass

Get to know data mesh: the latest approach to data strategy and governance with practical examples

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What you'll learn

  • Understand Data Mesh foundations
  • Deep dive in Data Mesh principles and characteristics
  • Know how to design the Data Mesh architecture
  • Learn how to start your company's Data Mesh journey

Become a data mesh expert in just 1 hour!

We are going to discuss the in and out of data mesh, following a structured learning journey, made by both theory and practical examples.

We will start by defining what is data mesh and which are its four key principles: domain ownership, data as a product, self-serve data platform and federated computational governance.

Then we will talk about the reasons for adoptingDATA MESH, illustrating the differences and the advantages that this approach has with respect to the traditional one.

We will move to the design of data mesh, starting with a logical overview and then going more in depth about how to structure the data product architecture.

Finally we will cover how to implement data mesh in real world enterprises.

The most important concepts will be illustrated with practical examples using as a reference a fictional video streaming company called Movie Mesh.

We are also going to quote many books, both technical and non-technical, in order to give references to the most interested students.

This course will make you one of the early expert about data mesh, a fundamental and in-demand skill for the tech job market of today and tomorrow.
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