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Full Stack: React and Java Spring Boot - The Developer Guide

Full Stack: React and Java Spring Boot - The Developer Guide

Learn how to build a Full Stack web application with React and Java Spring Boot with this project-focused course.

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What you'll learn

  • Develop a Full Stack web application with React front-end and Spring Boot back-end
  • Learn how to build React front-end applications .... all from the beginning. We assume no prior knowledge of React.
  • Develop a Spring Boot back-end using REST APIs and MySQL database
  • Develop a professional web application with React frontend and Spring Boot backend integration
  • Develop your code using modern development tools such as IntelliJ, VS Code, Maven and npm
  • I am a RESPONSIVE INSTRUCTOR ... post your questions and I will RESPOND in 24 hours.
  • Join an ACTIVE COMMUNITY of 500,000+ students that are already enrolled within this developer community! Over 100,000+ Reviews!
  • You can DOWNLOAD all source code and PDFs. Perfect for offline LEARNING and REVIEW.

Learn how to build a Full Stack web application with React and Java Spring Boot.

React and Spring Boot are two of the hottest technologies for developing Full Stack applications.

Knowing how to build Full Stack applications with React and Java Spring Boot can get you a job or improve the one you have. These are hot skills and companies are desperately looking for developers. Some of the highest paying job posting are for Full Stack developers with React and Spring Boot experience.

This course will help you quickly get up to speed with React and Java Spring Boot. I will demystify the technology and help you understand the essential concepts to build a Full Stack application with React and Java Spring Boot.

You will also use modern development tools such as IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, Maven and npm. All of the projects are based on Maven and npm, so you are free to use any tool that you want.

During the course you will build a full stack web application. You will develop all of the code step by step, so you feel confident developing your own web applications after completing this course!

The course also shows you how to add security to your application. We will use JWT, OAuth2, and OpenID Connect. You will add login/logout features, protect access to sensitive data while handling user roles.


In this course, you will get:

- All source code is available for download

- Responsive Instructors: All questions answered within 24 hours

- PDFs of all lectures are available for download

- Professional video and audio recordings (check the free previews)


Compared to other Full Stack courses

This course is up to date and covers the latest versions of React and Spring Boot.

Beware of other Udemy Full Stack courses. Most of them are outdated and use old versions of React and Spring Boot. Don’t waste your time or money on learning outdated technology.

Take my course where I show you how to develop a real-time full stack application with React and Spring Boot. You can type the code along with me in the videos, which is the best way to learn.

I am a very responsive instructor and I am available to answer your questions and help you work through any problems.

Finally, all source code is provided with the course along with setup instructions.

Student Reviews Prove This Course's Worth

Those who have reviewed my courses have pointed out that the instruction is clear and easy to follow, as well as thorough and highly informative.

Many students had also taken other Full Stack courses in the past, only to find that my courses were their favorite. They enjoyed the structure of the content and the high quality audio/video.

This is the best tutorial I've seen so far for Spring/Hibernate, each step is well explained and the tutorial videos are made to a high standard. I highly recommend this course! - Rob

Hats off to you Chad, the best Spring fundamentals course I have done on Udemy thus far. You never disappoint. - Morebodi

By far the greatest asset this course has is how responsive Eric is to questions. This is how CBT training should be, and it was well worth the money and time. I was able to complete everything in the course and I now have an app! - Gabriel

OMG This course is amazing!!! So many awesome things to say. Apart from the course itself, I was also blown away at how quickly Eric responded to questions/issues and how promptly he was able to troubleshoot my code : ) - Paige

Quality Material

You will receive a quality course, with solid technical material and excellent audio and video production. I am a best-selling instructor on Udemy. Here's a list of my top courses.
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These courses have received rave 5 star reviews and over 560,000 students have taken the courses. Also, these courses are the most popular courses in their respective categories.

I also have an active YouTube channel where I post regular videos. In the past year, I’ve created over 800 video tutorials (public and private). My YouTube channel has over 6 million views and 38k subscribers. So I understand what works and what doesn’t work for creating video tutorials.

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