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Machine Learning for Kids

Machine Learning for Kids

Teaching kids how machines learning works is all about showing examples and enabling them to experiment by themselves. This page reviews and recommends web

Start Learning Machine Learning Now =>  Machine Learning for Kids

What you'll learn

  • Introduce Machine Learning to Kids
  • Explore ML Models
  • Train a Computer to recognize Sounds
  • Rock, Paper and Scissors game against Your Computer

They will learn following topics

              Introduction of Machine Learning (with Real time Machine Learning Example)
              Basic of Machine Learning Model
              Classifying text Model
             .Recognizing Image Model
              Classifying Number Model
              Face Detection Model
              Hand Detection Model
              Toxicity Detection Model
              Train a Computer to recognize Sounds
               Rock, Paper and Scissors game against Your Computer

Learn Machine Learning exclusively for Kids

Concepts are explained in a easy way and in simpler terms

Get your Kids Kickstarted on this basic concepts quite early in their age

Shape your Kid's future with this advance concepts

Make them an automation expert

All Lessons are explained with examples

They will create their own machine learning models

All videos are self learning and self paced

Create programs as you go with videos

Experiment, Learn and be an Expert

Course has been prepared by coding Experts

We have used Machine Learning For Kids Platform to create examples

Students should know Scratch as pre-requisite

Feel free to reach out the instructor for any queries

Quality videos with fully visible blocks

Kids can create more models on their own based on this course

Kids can train their Machine Learning models to gain better accuracy and quality

Artificial Intelligence coming soon for Kids

Welcome to the world of Automation

Experiment, Learn and be an Expert

Introduction of Machine Learning  explained with Real time Machine Learning Example
Online Course CoupoNED based Analytics Education Company and aims at Bringing Together the analytics companies and interested Learners.