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Master the Fundamentals of Python

Master the Fundamentals of Python

Gain a deep understanding of Python without knowledge gaps with a 300+ page book, 200+ exercises, and multiple projects

Start Learning Artificial Intelligence Now =>  Master the Fundamentals of Python

What you'll learn

  • Complete mastery of the fundamentals of the Python programming language without knowledge gaps
  • Get a 300+ page digital textbook with detailed explanations of all of the material
  • Practice what you've learned with more than 200 exercises with solutions
  • Prove your knowledge by passing a challenging Certification Exam
  • Learn from an expert who's published multiple books and developed popular Python libraries
  • Confidence to use Python to produce trusted results in a professional environment
  • Mastery of all the basic types and knowledge of how to access their power
  • Learn arithmetic and comparison operations with the basic built-in types (ints, floats, booleans)
  • Learn the properties of strings and how to use their wide array of methods
  • Learn all of the properties and methods for the built-in data types lists, tuples, sets, and dictionaries
  • Learn how to control the flow of your program with conditional statements and looping
  • Learn the ins and outs of all the built-in functions as well as how to create user-defined functions
  • Learn intermediate topics such as how to import modules from the standard library, opening and reading files, and exception handling
  • Gain a firm understanding of object-oriented programming and how to define your own classes
  • Learn how to build a Texas Hold'em Poker application with artificial intelligence

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