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Outsystems In Depth, Go from Zero To Hero

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Created by : Ankit Gangrade

Outsystems In Depth, Go from Zero To Hero

Job oriented detailed Outsystems Development course with 80+ Lesson, 100+ Quiz, 20+ Assignments, 60+ Interview Questions

Start Learning Outsystems Now => Outsystems In Depth, Go from Zero To Hero

What you'll learn

  • How to Develop Outsystems Application.
  • It will make you prepare for Outsystems certification exams.
  • It will make you prepare for Job Interviews.
  • It will make you prepare for coding exercises during Job Interviews.
  • You will be able to handle actual business use cases and complex scenarios with Outsystems.
  • You will learn Outsystsems Architecture Design, and coding best practices.
  • You will learn advance scenarios i.e. API Integration, Extension development, Securing application, external database Integration etc.
  • Its well designed assignments will enhance your logical thinking.
  • And "CASE STUDY" will give you an understanding of end-to-end application development using Outsystems. (Refer Case Study Section in Course Content)

Learn In Depth Outsystems Reactive Development with

80+ Detailed practical-oriented video lessons.

20+ Basic to Advance level assignments and their implementation.

100+ In-section quizzes and assessments for a better understanding of core concepts and certification exam preparation.

60+ basics to advance level industry interview questions and their justification for the quick job hunt.

And an actual enterprise application development scenario in a form of a case study to understand actual development best practices and processes.

Objective Of The Course

The objective of this course is not just to teach Outsystems, but to make you capable to handle the actual use cases and also to make you capable of getting jobs easily.

The content of this course is designed in such a way that it makes you aware of the problems faced in the actual development as well as gives its solution. Its well-designed assignments and quizzes will prove to be very helpful for you to work in actuals and clear the certification exam.

What makes this course different than others

Practical Oriented lessons.

  1. The trainer is not just explaining theoretical concepts but also showing by implementing them live.
  2. Unedited raw implementation of concepts, so that you will get to know what issues we face while development and how we can troubleshoot and fix them.
  3. You will get the source code of implemented concepts and assignments in form of the OutSystems application and module .OML file, so that you may refer to that in case of any difficulty.
  4. You will get a collection of more than 60 Interview questions and their possible answers and their justification. I have consolidated almost all questions which I generally ask while interviewing and also the questions that I have been asked while giving interviews.
  5. 20+ Assignments that you will find nowhere. Carefully picked and designed basics to advance level assignments that give you actual development experience, and will help you during coding exams while giving job Interviews.
  6. You will also get Assignments Implementation and justification which will guide you through the possible way of development and help you in case of any difficulty.
  7. And last but not least, you will get 100+ basics-to-expert level quizzes and assessments which will help you to prepare for the Associate Reactive Developer Certification exam.

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