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Qlik Sense & Big Data. Strategies for Enterprise Deployments

Qlik Sense & Big Data. Strategies for Enterprise Deployments

Qlik Sense is a powerful data visualization and analytics platform that is well-suited for working with big data. However, when it comes to enterprise deployments, there are a number of strategies and considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure a successful implementation.

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Here are some strategies for deploying Qlik Sense in an enterprise environment:

  • Start small and scale up: When working with big data, it's important to start small and gradually scale up as you become more familiar with the platform. This will allow you to test and refine your data visualization and analysis processes before rolling them out to a larger audience.
  • Use the right hardware: Qlik Sense is a resource-intensive platform that requires powerful hardware to perform at its best. When deploying Qlik Sense in an enterprise environment, it's important to ensure that you have the right hardware in place to support the demands of your data.
  • Plan for data governance: When working with big data, data governance is a critical consideration. You will need to have processes in place to ensure that your data is accurate, consistent, and protected. This includes ensuring that data is properly classified and that access to sensitive data is restricted to authorized users.
  • Use data storytelling to communicate insights: Data storytelling is a powerful tool for communicating insights to decision-makers. With Qlik Sense, you can use data visualization and storytelling techniques to effectively communicate your findings to a wider audience.
  • Integrate with other tools and technologies: Qlik Sense can be integrated with other tools and technologies to create a seamless data analytics workflow. For example, you can use Qlik Sense in conjunction with big data platforms such as Apache Hadoop or AMAZON Web Services to perform advanced data processing and analysis.

By following these strategies, you can deploy Qlik Sense in an enterprise environment in a way that is scalable, efficient, and effective. With the right planning and execution, Qlik Sense can be a powerful tool for helping businesses and organizations unlock the value of their BIG DATA.

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