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Recommender Systems: An Applied Approach using Deep Learning

Recommender Systems: An Applied Approach using Deep Learning

Recommender Systems: Build a Customized Recommendation System or Recommendation engine using Deep Learning

Start Learning Deep Learning Now =>   Recommender Systems: An Applied Approach using Deep Learning

What you'll learn

• Learn the about deep learning of recommender systems
• Learn the about benefits and challenges of deep learning in recommender systems
• Learn about the mechanism of generic deep learning-based approaches for recommender system
• Learn the basic neural network models for recommendations
• Learn the theoretical aspects of neural collaborative filtering and variational auto encoders for collaborative filtering
• Learn the hands-on practice for the implementation of deep learning-based recommender system
• Learn about the implementation of two-tower model and its implementation for development of recommender systems
• Learn the implementation of TensorFlow recommenders for the development of recommender systems
• And much more…

Comprehensive Course Description:

Have you ever thought how YouTube adjust your feed as per your favorite content?

Ever wondered! Why is your Netflix recommending you your favorite TV shows?

Have you ever wanted to build a customized deep learning-based recommender system for yourself?

If Yes! Then this is the course you are looking for.

You might have searched for many relevant courses, but this course is different!

This course is a complete package for the beginners to learn the basics of recommender systems, its applications and building it from scratch by using deep learning with python. Every module has engaging content covering necessary theoretical concepts with a complete practical approach is used in along with brief theoretical concepts. At the end of every module, we assign you a quiz, the solution to the quizzes is also available in the next video.

We will be starting with the theoretical concepts of deep learning recommender systems. Moreover, a very detailed hands-on recommender system by using TensorFlow recommenders is included which will enable you to build recommender systems of your choice.

This complete package will enable you to learn the basic to advance mechanism of developing recommender system by using deep learning with python with the help of TensorFlow recommenders. We’ll be using Python as a programming language in this course, which is the hottest language nowadays if we talk about deep leaning.

This comprehensive course will be your guide to learning how to use the power of Python to evaluate your deep learning-based recommender systems datasets based on user ratings and user choices. Moreover, a practical approach will be adopted to build deep learning-based recommender system by adopting retrieval-based approach based on two tower model.

We’ll learn all the basic and necessary concepts for the applied recommender systems models along with the deep learning models. Moreover, one detailed project has been included in this course to develop a very useful experience for yourselves.

This course is designed for both beginners with some programming experience or even those who know nothing about Data Analysis, Deep Learning or TensorFlow.

This comprehensive course is comparable to other Deep Learning based Recommender Systems using TensorFlow courses that usually cost thousands of dollars, but now you can learn all that information at a fraction of the cost in only one course! With over 2 hours of HD video lectures that are divided into many videos and detailed code notebooks for every address this is one of the most comprehensive courses for Recommender Systems using Deep Learning on Udemy!

Why Should You Enroll in This Course?

The course is crafted to help you understand not only the role and impact of deep learning-based recommender systems in real world applications but it provides a very unique hands on experience on developing complete recommender systems engines for your customized dataset by using a real time project. This straightforward learning by doing course will help you in mastering the concepts and methodology with regards to Python.

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