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Recommender Systems with Machine Learning

Recommender Systems with Machine Learning

Build Recommender Systems for Real World Applications using Machine Learning

Start Learning Machine Learning Now => Recommender Systems with Machine Learning

What you'll learn

• Learn the about basics of recommender systems
• Learn the basics impact of recommender systems with integrated artificial intelligence
• Learn about the major challenges and applications of recommender systems
• Learn the basic taxonomy of recommender systems
• Learn the impact of overfitting, underfitting, bias and variance
• Learn the fundamental concepts of content based filtering and collaborative filtering
• Learn the hands-on development of recommender system using machine learning topologies with python
• Learn building the recommender system for various recommender system applications such as Spotify song recommending systems using machine learning and python
• Hands on experience to build content-based recommender systems with machine learning and python
• Hands on experience to build item-based recommender systems using machine learning techniques and python
• Learn to model k-nearest neighbors-based recommender engine for various types of applications of recommender systems in python
• And much more…

Comprehensive Course Description:

Have you ever thought how YouTube adjust your feed as per your favorite content?

Ever wondered! Why is your Netflix recommending you your favorite TV shows?

Have you ever wanted to build a customized recommender system for yourself?

If Yes! Than this is the course you are looking for.

You might have searched for many relevant courses, but this course is different!

This course is a complete package for the beginners to learn the basics of recommender systems, its applications and building it from scratch by using machine learning with python. Every module has engaging content covering necessary theoretical concepts with a complete practical approach is used in along with brief theoretical concepts. At the end of every module, we assign you a quiz, the solution to the quizzes is also available in the next video.

We will be starting with the theoretical concepts of recommender systems, after providing you the basic knowledge of recommender systems. You will be able to learn about the important taxonomies of recommender systems which are actually the basic building block of it.

Online Course CoupoNED based Analytics Education Company and aims at Bringing Together the analytics companies and interested Learners.