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Solve Challenging Python Exercises

Solve Challenging Python Exercises

Coding Exercises with solutions for Python developers. Practice 220+ Python Topic-specific exercises. Solve Python challenges, assignments, programs.

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What you'll learn
  • Learn how to solve a variety of different Python programming challenges
  • Learn how to use function arguments
  • Learn how to submit solutions to programming challenges
  • Learn how to import and use Python modules
In this course you are presented with dozens of challenges requiring the Python programming language to solve. Each challenge is provided within a Jupyter Notebook and upon submission will get graded immediately. The challenges vary in difficulty and cover many different aspects parts of Python. Video solutions for each challenge are provided so that you can see exactly how Ted thinks about the problem.

Ted Petrou is a world-renowned Python expert having written the books Pandas Cookbook and Master Data Analysis with Python. Ted has also answered more than 400 pandas questions on Stack Overflow and taught thousands of students both in-person and online. With this experience, he has developed hundreds of exercises that aim to teach the most efficient and effective ways at using the Python programming language.

Python is one of the most powerful and popular programming languages today. Although it is widely used, it takes a long time to master. There are often multiple ways of solving the same problem and unfortunately many of these solutions are poor and ineffective. Ted has developed these challenges to teach you the very best practices for completing tasks with Python.

Do you have what it takes to solve these challenges?
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