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The Complete Html and CSS Mastery With Real Projects 2023

The Complete Html and CSS Mastery With Real Projects 2023

become a web designer by mastering HTML and CSS with all advance topics by building mobile responsive website / projects

Start Learning web development Now =>  The Complete Html and CSS Mastery With Real Projects 2023

What you'll learn

  • You will Learn HTML advance topics
  • You will learn CSS from basics to advance
  • You will get the skills you need to make beautiful websites
  • useful HTML & CSS examples for each topics
  • How to plan, design and optimize a website
  • How to make layouts that work on every possible device using media queries , flexbox and css grid
  • How to find and use free design assets such as images, fonts, and icons
  • You will get a certification after completing the course that you can print and use
Welcome to the course, in this course, you will learn HTML and CSS basics to advance with  responsive web design, at the end of the course, At the start of the course, I will cover some fundamentals of the CSS and then I will gradually move on to the more advance and detailed topics, at the start of the course I will explain you the basic but essential topics like the box model and margin collapsing, then I will explain to you all types of selectors that CSS offers whether they are the simple selectors like class, id or element, or they are the pseudo selectors like the pseudo-element selectors or pseudo-class selectors, I will also show you the alternatives of the old pseudo selectors that you can use to select your HTML elements more easily, and then I will move to the advance topics where you will learn all the topics and properties of CSS in details with everything explained with examples , in the advance topics section I will explain you how you can make your websites more responsive by using new techniques that CSS offers ,at the end of the course , we will make a real responsive website so that you can understand how different things work together to make the real web design , so what are you waiting for !

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