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Windows Packet Capture Made Easy

Windows Packet Capture Made Easy

When having trouble installing Wireshark, Microsoft's built in packet capture command netsh can do the trick and capture needed packets.

Start Learning packet capture Now =>  Windows Packet Capture Made Easy

What you'll learn

  • Use built-in Windows commands to capture real time network traffic
  • Learn the pktmon command and master packet capture configurations
  • Work with filters and capture lists that collect network traffic
  • Develop custom filters to work with ports, protocols, TCP Flags, and more!
  • Write filters to help detect SYN scans
  • Use pktmon to collect traffic for a low-interaction honeypot
  • Create a proof of concept Python GUI for building filters

The Good News:

Microsoft recently released a tool that you might not know about....Packet Monitor (pktmon.exe). It's an easy to configure, lightweight packet capture tool.  And it comes installed on Windows 10+ and Windows Server 2019+.

This course is all about getting you up and running with Pktmon.  We're going to cover the basics of packet capture and the look at how this command line tool can automate the collection of network packets.  Once we're familiar with the tool, we'll start writing custom filters that control what types of traffic is ignored and what traffic is captured.  Following that, we'll take a look at how you can save collected packets in different file formats.

During the course, expect to cover:

  • Pktmon architecture
  • Packet capture basics
  • Pktmon command line usage
  • Writing single capture filters
  • Building more complex capture filters and scripting
  • Use cases for detecting unwanted network traffic
  • Use cases for building a low interaction honeypot
  • Code examples for building a Python UI to support filter writing
  • And more...
This is a great course for anyone who is interested in getting started with packet capture and analysis.  Even if you have no experience, you'll be up and running with Pktmon in no time.

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