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Analytics Problem Solving - Art to Science

Analytics Problem Solving - Art to Science

Analytics Problem Solving - Art to Science Problem solving and Insights Generation for Analytics and AI-ML solutions

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"Datascience is as much an art as a science"

Problem solving may seem an art, but it is as much a science - frameworks and checklists will help us break business objectives into analytical objectives and finally solve them. This masterclass helps break some of the artistic bits into scientific chunks that can be implemented right away. This course deals with:

1) Requirement Gathering Framework to enable a perfect start

2) What is an Insight and the generation process for the same

3) Business frameworks to aid

4) A case study with walkthrough of application of frameworks

5) 1 case study that tests insights generation through visualization

6) 1 case study that is implemented by us

7) How to start implementing according to your role, functional area and experience

This course will help the following groups:

1) Students who want to learn and evolve in various data science related areas

2) Data & Analytics professionals trying to practice problem solving and take it to the next level

3) Business professionals in any functional area like marketing, operations, finance, HR and IT trying to leverage analytics to make decisions

4) Analytics Leaders trying to set better processes for their teams

Online Course CoupoNED based Analytics Education Company and aims at Bringing Together the analytics companies and interested Learners.