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Biotechnology/Biotech Business, Policy, Law, and Science

Biotechnology/Biotech Business, Policy, Law, and Science

Your Complete Guide to Starting and Understanding Biotechnology Companies: Business, Law, Regulations, Policy & Science

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Biotechnology, also known as biotech, is a field of science that uses living organisms or their products to develop new technologies and products. This can include using microorganisms to produce drugs or using plant or animal cells to create products such as biofuels. Biotech businesses are companies that develop and commercialize these technologies and products.

Biotech policy refers to the laws, regulations, and guidelines that govern the development and use of biotech products. This can include issues such as the safety and effectiveness of biotech products, intellectual property rights, and the impact of biotech on the environment.

Biotech law encompasses the legal issues related to the development and use of biotech products, such as patent law, regulatory law, and liability law.

Biotech science involves the research and development of biotech products, including the study of living organisms and their processes. This can include fields such as molecular biology, genetics, and biochemistry.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the commercial factors driving and constraining biotechnology development
  • Learn how biotechnology is regulated, and how regulations can both limit and drive innovation
  • Learn about patents and other forms of intellectual property protection in biotechnology, and why they are crucial for innovation
  • Learn about domestic and international biotechnology policy decisions and how to balance innovation incentives with economic realities
  • Learn about the science behind biotechnology, and it applications

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