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Full Stack React Bootcamp with .NET API [2023] [10 Projects]

Full Stack React Bootcamp with .NET API [2023] [10 Projects]

Master React w/ Redux Toolkit & hooks from scratch. Build 10 projects with e-commerce application [.NET API & EF Core]

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A Full Stack React Bootcamp with .NET API is a comprehensive training program that teaches students how to build full-stack web applications using React and .NET. The bootcamp covers all aspects of web development including front-end development using React, back-end development using .NET, and working with APIs. Students will work on 10 different projects throughout the course, which will give them hands-on experience building real-world applications. The bootcamp is designed to be completed in 2023 and is suitable for individuals who have some experience with web development or programming. The bootcamp aims to give students the skills they need to become full-stack web developers and to be able to develop, deploy and maintain a full-stack web application using React and .NET.

What you'll learn

  • React 18 Fundamentals
  • Routing with React Router
  • Payments with Stripe API with React
  • Axios Calls
  • Redux Toolkit
  • RTK Query and Mutations
  • File Management in React
  • Authentication and Authorization in React
  • TypeScript
  • Build and deploy scalable API using .NET 7 and EF Core
  • 10 Projects and 25 assignments
  • Learn Best Practices for learning React
  • Deploy React JS Applications to Azure

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