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Java Programming Masterclass updated to Java 17

Java Programming Masterclass updated to Java 17

Java Programming Masterclass updated to Java 17 Learn Java In This Course And Become a Computer Programmer. Obtain valuable Core Java Skills And Java Certification

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A Java Programming Masterclass updated to Java 17 would cover the latest features and changes introduced in the latest version of Java. Some of the key features and changes that might be covered in such a course include:

  • Records: Java 17 introduces a new feature called records, which provide a concise syntax for defining simple data classes. Records allow for a more declarative and immutable way to define classes with a minimal amount of boilerplate code.
  • Text Blocks: Java 17 adds a new feature called text blocks, which allow for multi-line string literals to be defined in a more readable and convenient way. Text blocks can be used to define strings that span multiple lines, such as JSON or HTML.
  • Sealed Classes: Java 17 introduces sealed classes, which allow you to control the inheritance of classes and interfaces. Sealed classes can be used to restrict the types that can extend or implement a class or interface, making it easier to reason about the contract of a class.
  • Concurrent Thread-Stack Processing: Java 17 introduces the ability to process thread stacks concurrently. This can help improve the performance of applications that make heavy use of threading, as well as make it easier to diagnose and fix problems related to threading.
  • Preview Features: Java 17 also includes several features that are available as preview features. These are features that are still under development and may change in future versions of Java. Preview features include, but not limited to, the Pattern Matching for instanceof and more.
  • Deprecated and removed features: The course will also cover the features that have been deprecated or removed in the latest version of Java.

The course will also cover best practices for using these new features in real-world applications, as well as how to migrate existing code to take advantage of the new features.

Additionally, the course will also provide hands-on experience through a series of programming exercises and projects to help students solidify their understanding of the material and apply what they have learned.

It's important to mention that Java 17 is not yet released, it's planned to be released in September 2021, so this kind of course may not be available yet.

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