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Metaverse Masterclass 2022: Your Guide to Web 3.0

Metaverse Masterclass 2022: Your Guide to Web 3.0

Metaverse Masterclass 2022: Your Guide to Web 3.0 A Complete Guide to Metaverse, Avatars and Web 3.0 and the tech involved all explained from scratch for you all.

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The Web 3.0 phenomenon so-called the "Metaverse".

The biggest of the creator economies are embracing this new change. This is the Metaverse, the future of the Internet, the tech that will create a billion millionaires.

Last year when Facebook was rebranded into Meta a billion eyebrows were raised like why and how will this work. Facebook was a trillion-dollar company why something new?

But now we have Meta a company that focuses on the future of the Web 3.0 space.

So do you wanna learn and know about the Metaverse and be among the top 0.01% of people?

Let's start from the beginning, Metaverse what is it and why do we need it?

Metaverse is everything the internet was with additional layers of virtual simulation, AR, VR, and 1000X bigger and better than the Internet.

Think about it you want to meet your friend or your family and you are actually out of the country. The best way to connect is a video call or a zoom meeting that's it.

But in Metaverse and Web 3.0 revolution, you actually greet them, meet them and tell them in reality how much you love them and how much you care for them.

In this Metaverse Masterclass, I will personally walk you through a bunch of stuff, like -

1. What is a Metaverse?

2. Why we need a Metaverse.

3. What is Web 3.0

4. What are AR and VR

5. Why AR is not as VR?

6. What is a Metaverse coin

7. How to create a Metaverse from nothing?

8. How to even sell and buy in Metaverse if needed.

On top of that, I will also be teaching you the basics of

1. Blockchain tech

2. Cryptos buy and sell

3. What to do as a Beginner in Metaverse

All of that in a fun and exciting course,

Who is this course made for?

It's for these people -

  • Newbies with the Metaverse.
  • People who want to create a career in Metaverse.
  • Enthusiasts who want to learn and work with Web 3.0 and the revolution.
  • Coders and Programmers looking to do something big in Metaverse.
  • People interested in the Metaverse and Web 3.0.

Join in now and see how we conquer the Metaverse with love and compassion and in a fun and entertaining way.

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