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Molecular Docking Course Leading From Beginner to Advance

Molecular Docking Course Leading From Beginner to Advance

Making students confident and proficient in molecular docking Molecular Docking Course Leading From Beginner to Advance

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Molecular docking is a computational method used to predict the binding affinity between a small molecule and a protein, which can be useful for drug discovery and design.

A molecular docking course that leads from beginner to advanced levels would likely cover the basics of the method, including how to set up and run docking simulations, and how to analyze and interpret the results. The course might also cover more advanced topics such as flexible docking, virtual screening, and the use of docking in structure-based drug design.

In addition to the technical aspects of molecular docking, the course might also cover the biological and chemical principles underlying the method, including protein-ligand interactions and the factors that affect binding affinity.

The course might also cover various software programs and tools that are commonly used for molecular docking, such as AutoDock, GOLD, and Dock.

Overall, a molecular docking course that covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of the method would provide a comprehensive understanding of the technique and give you the skills and knowledge you need to apply it in drug discovery and design.

What you'll learn

  • About Protein and Drug related Database
  • About Protein Structure Visualization
  • How to perform Molecular Docking
  • How to model your protein using Webservers as well as using Modeller tool
  • How one can automate the whole docking process using python scripts

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