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Practical Bioinformatics I

Practical Bioinformatics I

This is an excellent introductory bioinformatics textbook that assumes very little prior knowledge, takes the reader by the hand, and slowly builds up an ...

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It is difficult to provide information about "Practical Bioinformatics I" without knowing the specific context in which it is being referred to. Bioinformatics is a broad field that encompasses a wide range of topics, and there are many resources available that are titled "Practical Bioinformatics I" or something similar.

In general, "Practical Bioinformatics I" could refer to a course, workshop, textbook, or other resource that provides an introduction to the practical aspects of bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is the application of computational and statistical techniques to the analysis of biological data, and practical bioinformatics typically involves the use of specialized software tools and databases to analyze and interpret biological data. A resource titled "Practical Bioinformatics I" might cover topics such as sequence alignment, gene prediction, protein structure prediction, and other fundamental concepts and techniques in bioinformatics.

What you'll learn

  • Sanger sequencing method and working with trace files
  • Common High-throughput sequencing platforms, methods, and applications
  • Common sequence, feature, alignment, and variation files
  • Extract, convert, split, merge, and/or remove sequences, features, alignments, and/or variations
  • Using more than 40 (currently 43) bioinformatics programs in addition to explaining their parameters
  • Using more than 20 (currently 21) bioinformatics programs without explaining their parameters
  • Different ways of using biological data in different researches (more than 30 papers are available)

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