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Python Certification

Python Certification

PCAP™Certified Associate in Python Programming certification focuses on the Object-Oriented Programming approach to Python, and shows that the individual ...

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The Python Programming Course is an interactive online course that is suitable for both students and professionals who want to learn python from the ground up and build a solid foundation. It covers Python programming fundamentals, basic Python programming as well as advanced programming in Python and consists of presentations, live coding, demonstrations and practicals.

The course consists of interactive lessons with presentations as well as coding, practicals and a final project. The practicals help students to assess what they have learnt and to understand their gaps in knowledge using sample answers provided. At the end of the course, students have to submit a mini project which compiles all the practical knowledge that they have gathered during the course. The mini project can become a project reference on a student's cv.

The Python Programming Course is essential for Computer Science students (computer science/software engineering/information systems/data science students) as Python is a requirement for university modules where practical knowledge in python is required for assignments and final year projects (dissertation).

During this course, the student builds a good understanding of Python and can easily work with more advanced fields that require Python such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing or Computer Vision. This course is a requirement for more advanced courses such as “Artificial Intelligence with Python” which shall be made available soon.

What you'll learn

  • Learn programming concepts
  • Learn Python programming fundamentals
  • Master advanced Python programming
  • Gain an understanding of Object Oriented Programming
  • Grasp practical object oriented programming skills with Python
  • Build & test Python scripts
  • Build & test full Python programs
  • Code an entire project in Python and add it to your Portfolio

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